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Angel Investing

Since 1997 our network of investors have been sourcing and vetting startups and tech companies to help them get the capital they need to scale and succeed.

Our network has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into various startups through our live and virtual events where we introduce investors like you to new opportunities every month.

Our entrepreneur clients have gone on to raise more than $1 Billion! No other angel network can claim that level of success!

Alternative Investments

Our network also boasts hundreds of highly trained professionals who are providing education and information about alternative investment strategies that our investors are looking for.

Whether you want to invest in real estate, oil and gas, alternative energy, forex, crypto, or any other non-public investment opportunity, the chances are good you'll find them here!

If you are looking for alternative investments, join our membership today to start finding the opportunities no one is telling you about!

Wealth Building

Growing your wealth comes with a cost most people don't want to talk about.

Of course there are the taxes you must deal with on a regular basis, but what about the challenge of keeping your wealth safe while also growing it strategically?

Are you setting your family, charities, and foundations up for long term success, or are you leaving that to chance?

Our network comes with benefits far beyond investing that will give you peace of mind, as well as bragging rights.

Capital Raising

Do you have an incredible deal, but need other investors to help you make it happen?

Are you buying businesses? Investing in real estate?

Starting a fund?

Or just raising capital for your own company?

Then you need to be a member to access all the benefits and network with other investors in our community who can help you achieve your goals.

Our members invest in people first, and the more you know, the better you'll do!

When Building Your Wealth, The Right Community Can

Make All the Difference!

Jeff Barnes, CEO

Dear Fellow Investor,

If you're here, it's because you're looking for a way to grow your wealth and likely find new investment opportunities, right?

Whether you're just getting started investing and aren't sure where to turn, or are a seasoned angel investor or fund manager, you're in the right place!

My name is Jeff Barnes, and I'm a former US Navy submariner and serial entrepreneur. I've built several seven and eight figure businesses, raised millions of dollars for businesses and real estate projects, have operated in the biggest businesses in the world. Our clients have raised over $1 Billion since 2016, and our investors have personally invested hundreds of millions over the past two decades!

And today I want to talk about helping you succeed in Angel Investing and building your wealth. You see, we aren't just about finding the latest and greatest technology company and showing them to you to help you raise capital. (although we are pretty good at that)

We also help our members learn new investment strategies and network with each other to create incredible wealth long term.

Most of our members are either business owners looking to diversify outside of their own business, retired executives who want to continue to be active in the business world, or fund managers and professional investors looking for that next deal.

We provide a number of investment opportunities to our members, as well as training on how to succeed as an angel investor and how to build and grow your wealth long term.

Join us on this fun ride and learn about the next great investment opportunity that is just waiting to be found!

All the best!

Jeff Barnes

CEO | Angel Investors Network

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AIN Training Library

  • Angel Investing 101
  • How to succeed as an Angel
  • Sourcing deals and teams that win
  • Raising funds for larger deals
  • Building your network and increasing your net worth
  • Valuation understanding and calculators
  • New courses added monthly!

Monthly Sharks & Angels Live Webinars

  • At least 3 investment opportunities per month
  • Access to due diligence and data rooms
  • Curated deal flow just for you
  • Multiple industries and verticals each month
  • Direct access to founders and our team
  • Opportunities to generate 1,000x returns!

Monthly Virtual Networking

  • Meet fellow AIN Members
  • Collaborate on Deals
  • Get updates on deals and the market
  • Training from our curated resource partners
  • The latest information on investing, insurance, tax strategies, wealth planning, and more...without all the sales pressure!

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